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Your Website Now

All of our clients recognize the value of an online presence in this increasingly connected world we work and live in. Unfortunately not all of our clients have the time and energy to tackle what is, for many of them, a very daunting project. For this reason Simply Ducky Designs has created the Your Website Now project.

What’s Included?



We’ll take your content and create an easy to navigate website featuring your images and text.


Simply Ducky Designs will host your website on our servers. We provide daily site backups and use Cloudflare Acceleration to deliver your content quickly and reliably.

Domain Name

We’ll register a unique domain name for you to make sure your web address is memorable.

What Does It Cost?

The Your Website Now package uses simple, flat rate billing. Always know what you’re costs are with no surprises down the road. Looking to move beyond the basic package? Additional options are available!



$750.00 + HST

Complete construction of your new website inlcuding all of the features listed below. We handle photo edits, text rewrites, and ensuring your site is optimized for search engines and is social media friendly.

Includes first year’s maintenance!



Annual Maintenance

$150.00 + HST

Includes annual hosting, a single domain name registration, one email address (or forward) plus updates to your original content. Additional content will be billed pro-rated. Payment plans are available.

Due on your anniversary date.


Peace of Mind


Let Simply Ducky Designs worry about maintenance, renewals, updates, and security. Have an update? Send us an email and we’ll handle it within one business day.

Let us do the heavy lifting!


What Do You Need To Do?

The Your Website Now package requires only a minimum contribution from you, the client. We need your input, an understanding of your business operations and goals, as well as some text and relevant photos.



  • We will need to have at least two, ideally four, twenty minute conversations with you by phone while you’re in front of your computer.
  • If you are travelling through the Antigonish, Nova Scotia area we would be happy to meet with you for our initial conversation.
  • We are able to connect by email, phone, or Skype. After hours calls are available for clients in different time zones.

Media & Text

  • Photos of your location, products, and staff. Send as many  (or as few) pictures as you like. We’ll pick from the best!
  • Videos taken with a smartphone or tablet – a great way to highlight your operations.
  • Have you written any Facebook posts, emails describing your business, brochures, or advertising copy? No need to reinvent the wheel, just send along what you have on hand!

Provide Feedback

  • We will need your feedback at each step of the process (see below). This can be by email, phone, or in-person meeting (if convenient).
  • If you’re happy with the way your draft site is progressing, we’re great with a single Great! in an email. We’re pretty easy going that way.
  • Unlike print which is set in stone once it goes to the printers, a website is easily changed. Have second thoughts about a piece of content? Send us an email!

Where Do We Start?

Every Your Website Now package uses the same basic plan for completing your new website. This allows us to ensure that both parties are aware of the schedule and next steps needed to complete the project. Depending on how promptly Simply Ducky Designs receives feedback and raw material, a Your Website Now project can be completed in as little as two weeks.

First Conversation

We’ll sit down in person or over the phone and have an initial conversation with you of twenty minutes or so at no charge. This lets us get to know your business a little bit and ensures that we are a good fit for your company and it’s plans to go online.


A $375.00 deposit is required to start work on your project. Once the project is completed you’ll be billed for the remaining $375.00  + HST. Should you change your mind and decide to go in another direction, your deposit will be refunded minus any work we have already completed.

Raw Material

Send us what you have! As listed above, we need photos, text, and videos (if available). This could be links to Facebook pages, brochures, posters you’ve made, links to older websites, or even write us an email with information in bullet form.

Draft Site

Using all the raw material you sent along, as well as information from our conversation, we’ll create a draft of your new site. This gives you a chance to provide us with valuable feedback during the construction process.

This draft will be hidden from the general public and search engines but you will be able to share it with friends and colleagues.

Revised Draft

We’ll continue making edits to your draft site, tweaking colors, adding additional photos, and rewriting text (where needed). As we make each major change we’ll send you an email with a link allowing you to review our progress.

Depending on how promptly we receive raw material from you, this part of the process should take no more than one week.

At this point we’ll want to have a second conversation with you to review the work completed to date and incorporate your feedback.


With your feedback and a little tweaking, we’ll put the finishing touches on your website – making any requested changes to text, photos, and videos.

This also includes adding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), embedding your Facebook Page (if you have one), adding Google Maps, and any other plugins that are needed.

At this point your site will be essentially finished and just needs to be unlocked and submitted to major search engines to start showing up on the web!

Launch & Final Payment

At this point our work is concluded and its time to launch your website!

You will be invoiced for the total of $750.00 + HST, minus your $375.00 deposit. This amount also includes maintenance and updates for the first year. Once we have received your payment we’ll have your site unlocked and launched immediately.

Maintenance & Going Forward

Your total for your website also includes your fist year of hosting, domain name registration, and content updates.

For the first year we will perform regular updates to the software that runs your site, handle your emails regarding content updates, and monitor your hosting account for any security issues or traffic spikes.

One year to the date your site launched, your renewal to your Maintenance Package will be due. Please see here for more details.

The Fine Print: What’s Included

The Your Website Now project focuses on providing you with the resources and platform you need to successfully engage your clientele now and going forward.



  • 1x long scroll Home page
  • 4x additional pages
  • 30x photos
  • 3x videos
  • 1x Contact form
  • 1x Order/Reservation form
  • Google Map for physical address

Software & Features

  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Anti-Spam filter
  • CAPTCHA for forms


  • 5GB of Storage
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Active Account Monitoring for external threats
  • Cloudflare Acceleration
  • 1x (.ca) domain registration
  • Canadian Servers

Going Above & Beyond: The Extras

We recognize that a one-size fits all approach will not work for everyone. Every business is unique and although the Your Website Now package can help get you online, you may want additional customization or material above and beyond what it includes.


Additional Pages

Each extra page on your new website above the five included in Your Website Now is available for $30 / page. This includes adding the content and photo(s) you send us, along with creating the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your new page, adding it to your existing menu, and adding links to relevant pages on your site.


Although the goal of the Your Website Now service is to help businesses go online with a minimum of effort or time, at Simply Ducky Designs we always encourage clients to consider training in the use of their website.

Whether you run a small eatery and want to list weekly specials or your bed & breakfast has seasonal rates, it is never a bad idea to consider training in how to update your website. We offer training in the use of Social Media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more), Cloud & Media Storage (YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, and more), as well as WordPress, the Content Management Software that runs your website.

Training is available for $40/hour via Skype, phone, or in-person at our location in Lower South River, Nova Scotia. On-site training is also available at your location in Eastern Nova Scotia. Please note that Simply Ducky Designs does charge for travel time.


Interested in selling goods or services online? Simply Ducky Designs can help you create an Ecwid account and add your new storefront to your site. We’ll even help you setup a PayPal Account so you can accept online payments using VISA, Mastercard, Amex, or a PayPal.

An Ecwid storefont is free for listing 10 products or less – a monthly fee applies for listing 11 or more items. For more details on Ecwid visit their website.

The base price is $240 for setup of PayPal, Ecwid, and installation of a basic store on your site. Pricing for this feature varies with the level of assistance you will require.

Other alternatives include assistance with and Etsy listing or Shopify storefront.

Pro-rated Work

Have  request that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the above listings? Simply Ducky Designs offers pro-rated billing.

What does this mean for your business? If you engage us for a simple 20 minute task we’re not going to bill you for full hour – all our work is billed in 10 minute increments at the rate of $40/hour. You only pay for the work we do.

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