Website Portfolio

Simply Ducky has been creating affordable, user friendly websites since 2009. On this page you will find a few of the many projects that we have completed.  Please browse the above menu for information on pricing, scheduling and more.

Farms & Agri-Business

With an increasing awareness of the importance of local agri-business, more and more people are actively supporting local small farmers, artists, and craftspeople. One of the biggest challenges of any small business is to attract enough potential shoppers in a world where big brand names flood the media every hour of the day. A small website, tastefully arranged and selectively promoted can be a very economical and low cost way to connect with your customers – allowing you to show the love and care poured into your work to a larger audience.

Retail & Hospitality

As more and more people take advantage of the tremendous ability of the internet to give us near instant access to any bit of information we want, it is only natural that people turn to it for shopping as well. For many traditional sales organizations this trend can be embraced to ‘get the word out there’ and help drive foot traffic to your retail location.

Professional Services

With so many talented and highly skilled companies working in Nova Scotia, it’s sometime hard to get the message out there in regards to the unique services that you may provide. A website can act as a 24 hour a day advertisement for your services. With so many people consulting Google for everything from home repair instructions to attempting to diagnose aches and pains it is only sensible to make sure you and your services are out there for the world to see.

Non-profits, Community & Government Groups

With the ever increasing amount of daily internet usage in households across Nova Scotia, it is becoming more important than ever for non-profits and community groups to engage the public online. By providing a place for people to view everything from event schedules to community submissions, a website allows people from across a wide geographic area to connect between regular meetings and helps foster a sense of pride in your organization or community group.

Entertainment & Other

Often we have the privilege of working with some truly creative individuals – people who are involved in a variety of activities. You’ll find their website in this section.