You're Busy

You have a business to run, customers to connect with, sales to make, and suppliers to contact.

We get it.

Let us handle the daily monitoring and software maintenance for your WordPress website for one fee all year.

Simply Ducky Website Monitoring Package

/ year

Your website is an important part of your business – a part you cannot afford to have down due to missed maintenance, out of date plugins, or security vulnerabilities. Let Simply Ducky provide peace of mind through an easy monitoring package designed to keep your website up so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Leave the background to us.


What’s Included?

Daily Monitoring

Our software will routinely monitor your website throughout the week, performing detailed checks six days a week. We monitor the state of your plugins, health of your SSL Certificate, Server Status, and a wealth of other factors.

Updates to Plugins

The software that runs your site evolves over time as new releases add new features and most importantly – address security vulnerabilities. We monitor WordPress community for notices on compromised software and apply updates (or replace software) on a priority basis.


By taking reasonable precautions and through the application of best security practices we can harden your WordPress site against attack. Our monitoring software will alert us in the face of hostile actions taken against your website – allowing us to act quickly. 

Keeping It Simple

The Website Monitoring Package covers the update and maintenance of your software, along with the monitoring of your website’s security. 


Simple Billing

Each twelve month Website Monitoring Package runs from March 1st to the following March 1st. Did you miss the start date? No problem! Pro-rated billing is available.


Priority Service

We value our clients and take especially good care of those that have been with us for years. The maintenance and security of our existing clients on the Website Monitoring Package takes precedence over all other work. We will literally drop what we’re doing to make sure you are in the best possible shape, up and running.

Additional Work

The Website Monitoring Package covers software updates only. Other work, such as the update of website content, would be billed separately. If you need assistance with keep your website content up-to-date, contact us below. We’re always happy to help with updates or training.

See Pricing for more details.


Get Started Today!

Not currently a client but want to sign up for the Website Monitoring Package? Not a problem! Contact us today for a short review of your current WordPress site. We may find that before we can offer you the Website Monitoring Package some changes to your software loadout may be required as well as updates to your hosting account. We’d be happy to walk you through the process and discuss any associated costs before moving forward.

Already a client of Simply Ducky? Even better – your website was built around a core group of reliable, security hardened plugins that make applying the Website Monitoring Package quick and easy.

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