As a non-governmental agency, Adopt-A-Highway, oversees the entire province and coordinates the efforts of volunteers to keep our highways clean. This means they have to be able to present a variety of forms in one location, accept the follow-up paperwork, and distribute changes in procedure and regulations.  The website we built for them neatly collects all of the information volunteers need and allows them to submit the bulk of their follow-up paperwork online, quickly and paperlessly!

Simply Ducky worked with the group to develop a site which met their needs and provided them with the tools to create and edit content. The website is built on WordPress, making it very user friendly for generating content. Best of all It features a responsive design so, it looks great on any device.

The Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program (AAH) offers organizations, volunteer groups, and businesses the opportunity to contribute to their community and province by removing litter from roadsides or interchanges/exits. By “adopting” a section of provincial roadway, a group pledges to complete one to two roadside cleanups per year, renewing every three years.


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March 8, 2018