About Simply Ducky

Simply Ducky Designs was founded in the spring of 2009 By Crispin Cornect. From it’s start creating websites for local businesses, Simply Ducky has branched out to provide print and print design services, social media consultation, and technology instruction to organizations throughout Eastern Canada.

Constructing a website can be very intimidating, leaving companies feeling overwhelmed and out of their depth. For that very reason Simply Ducky Designs focuses on working with their clients – walking them through every step of the process and ensuring that they have all the tools at their disposal to manage or oversee their new online property at the end of the project.

Crispin Cornect

Crispin Cornect

Crispin founded Simply Ducky Designs in the spring of 2009 and is the lead site designer and developer.

Before starting Simply Ducky Designs, Crispin worked extensively in sales, management, and training in small and national businesses. From his start in retail sales and management to providing remote support for commercial clients and direct sales, Crispin is familiar with the many challenges and trials facing small and medium businesses.

Crispin is a big believer that less is more and advocates an organic approach to growing a small business, rather then a massive running leap.

Ashley Bouchie

Kassie Chisholm

Kassie joined Simply Ducky in February of 2018 and handles site content and updates.

Prior to joining the Simply Ducky team Kassie had extensive administrative experience having worked in several medical clinics. During this time she met many individuals who needed assistance in navigating complex booking and treatment systems and focused on providing them with plain language explanations of sometimes technically dense material. Kassie leverages this experience when working with Simply Ducky’s clients and brings her awareness of the importance to attention to detail, individual attention, and prompt delivery to all our clients.

Kassie believes that technology should be easy to use and a tool to make your day go smoother, not the other way around.